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ATTITUDES master class  Director: Tim Turney


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ATTITUDES Master Class
    Thank-you for your interest in our studio.   We are now in our 30th year!

    Whether you are interested in dance for fun, exercise, a hobby, or a career, our classes are based on fun and enjoyment. Our class size is restricted to 12 students per class, and as well as myself, we have a staff of friendly, motivated  instructors to help you increase your confidence and enjoyment. 

We offer classes for Children, Teens and Adults, from  5 years to 65+.
Level one is the lowest, level 5 is the highest. 

Please call if you have any questions. 

Studio Director: Tim Turney 


   Kitchen to Lobby                           Studio 1 - Main Floor                           Studio 3 - Upstairs                                 Hall to Studio 2 - Main Floor          


 Studio 2 - Main Floor                                                                    Studio Lobby                                                                 Studio Lobby

Attitudes, has a faculty of professional teachers. We are located on Riviera Drive  east off Woodbine or south from 14th Avenue.
There are 3 dance rooms over two floors with a combined floor space of over 7000 sq. feet. Our studios are  air conditioned and heated with sprung floors and full mirrors. 
Our studio has a large lobby area with 2 dance areas on the main floor and one on a second level. 
We have three washrooms and a change room. Our kitchen area is equipped with a fridge, microwave, coffee machine and kettle.  Water and juice are available for $1.00.

CHILDREN & TEENS work on a season of 34 weeks, from September to June. All students have to opportunity to be in our Showcase at the end of the season. You may start at any time during the year, and all fees are pro-rated from when you start. Classes are filled on a first come first served basis. A deposit of $100.00 per person is required. (Subtracted from the total fee)  Missed classes may be made up at any time in any type of dance you choose. Registration may be done in person or through the mail. (Debit/Credit cards must be done in person.)

ADULTS work on a card system. Each time you come in, we punch your card. You are therefore paying for the classes you take. Adults also have the option of being in our Showcase (last year over 70 participated) A card is good for anything on the adult schedule and you may start at any time during the year.  Try a free class!
Registration may be done before or after your class.
   (Debit/Credit cards must be done in person.)



    Video Jazz (Funky): A fast paced jazz style based on the dance form seen in shows and videos.
    Great stretch and   heart activity..

    Technical Jazz (Lyrical or Contemporary): A slow paced jazz style based on ballet and lyrical dance.
    More emphasis on control, technique and placement.

Modern (Martha Grahamish):  A jazz style based on the art form of dance.
    Different methods with more abstract lines and placement.   More in line with artistic interpretation.

    Hip Hop:
Very similar to our video jazz, without the emphases on flexibility, technique and turns.

    Tap: Great exercise for your body and legs.
              Co-ordination and timing are greatly developed through this type of dance. Good heart exercise as well.

Ballet:: A slow moving class that is geared for strength, placement and technique. Results take time to show, but this is recommended for all serious dancers.

Musical Theatre: Based on musical performance, this class combines Dancing, Acting and Singing. This class encourages the student to develop confidence and an exciting stage presence. A good voice is not a requirement.

Ballroom Couples (Adults): This class covers all the basic forms of couples dancing, in both Smooth and Latin styles. Waltz, Jive/Swing/Lindy Hop, Tango, Merenge. Rhumba, Foxtrot, Salsa, Cha Cha and Samba. Our emphasis is on fun and enjoyment, getting you on the dance floor with enough steps to make you look good, as quickly as possible.

Yoga/Stretch: A stretch class with yoga control and pacing. Relaxing into control, placement and strength.

 Dance & Movement:    A class for 3&4 year old kids.  A combination of dance styles and exercises to teach the art of dance to the young mind.

Acting:  A class for overcoming fear in performing. Not based on dance like all the other classes we teach, but performance and learning to be comfortable on stage.
    Riviera Drive runs East of Woodbine Avenue between  Esna Park/John Street & 14th Avenue.

When traveling West on 14th from Warden Ave.  you will be on Alden Road /14th Avenue for just a moment.
    Turn Right to continue on 14th Avenue.  ( just over the railroad tracks) A Left turn from 14th onto the bottom end of Riviera Drive.

    Rodick Road:  Travelling south from 16th Avenue or Hwy #7 or North from Esna Park & Alden Road, will also take you to Riviera Drive.

    If coming up Pharmacy: continue northbound and Pharmacy becomes Esna Park at Steeles and then becomes
    Rodick Road when you cross the Alden Road - Esna Park intersection.  Turn right at Riviera Drive.

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